Three Kinds of Grace – Introduction

by Rev. Guy Duininck

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When, at any time in history or any place in the world, important truths are ignored or improperly taught, the church at that time and in that place will lack the knowledge it needs to be victorious in life and effective in service. Absent truth eventually leads to lopsided, unhealthy, not fully functional, or even sick churches and believers.

One very important truth that has been somewhat absent and sometimes incompletely taught or wrongly taught is the truth of Grace. Although the word “Grace” is familiar to almost every believer, an awareness and proper understanding of New Testament Grace is, at best, limited.

One reason the church is not familiar with the doctrine of Grace is because the very simplistic definition, “God’s unmerited favor” has, for a long time, been attached to the word “Grace.” Although this definition can bring some light to the nature and purpose of Grace, it certainly does not do justice to the incredible, manifold Grace of God and, in some ways, obscures a proper understanding of grace. Another significant reason that the church is not familiar with the doctrine of Grace is that most believers and ministers are completely unaware that there are Three Primary and distinct New Testament Graces.

In this short article, I am going to give a brief introduction to the Three Primary New Testament Graces. When you realize that there are Three Distinct and Primary New Testament Graces and understand what each Grace is, revelation of scriptures that employ the word “grace” will come alive and you will be more able to participate in the wonderful “graces” which come from the “God of all grace.”