Phil Keaggy – One Of The Greatest

yt link phil keaggyAs great of an icon and guitar player Prince was, my vote for greatest of all time would have to go to Christian Artist Phil Keaggy. In light of Prince’s death there have been several posts made about a quote by either Eric Clapton or Jimi Hendrix. The quote goes something like this; Eric Clapton (or Jimi) was asked what it feels like to be the worlds greatest guitar player? He replies “I don’t know, you will have to ask Prince”. I have always heard this quote reference Phil Keaggy not Prince. No biggie, it seems that Snopes has debunked the whole thing anyway.

I think we could all agree though that Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Eddie Van Halen, Prince are all among the greats. What makes Phil Keaggy the all time greatest in my opinion is not only can he hold his own against any of the above guitarist, but more than that is that he has lived his life sharing the testimony of Jesus Christ uncompromisingly through his music for over 40 years.

The posted video is a concert that Phil Keaggy and his band did back in 1983. When Prince’s “Little Red Corvette” and “Purple Rain” where topping the Pop Rock charts, Phil Keaggy was skillfully playing his guitar and humbly singing songs about his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Take a listen to some classic Phil Keaggy, enjoy the popular late 70’s and early 80’s guitar licks and uplifting lyrics about Jesus Christ.  At the end of the video there is a call for the younger generation to make a decision for Jesus.

May you too come to know the Lord Jesus Christ and walk humbly with Him.

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